Layne’s Hotcake


Layne L’Heureux has pressed further. United Hotcake Preferred spans new wave, garage rock, shoegaze, synth yawns, and everything in between. Funeral of a Former Self is accompanied by a fantastic video. Jessica Jalbert and Jackie Nuc find space on the album. Layne has united the hotcake of his many songwriting adventures to offer us the most panoramic exploration of his brain to date. All you Vonnegut creepers out there are probably puzzling over the familiarity of this new album’s title. cf. The Sirens of Titan, friendos!:

“United Hotcake preferred,” said Fern. United Hotcake preferred was a favorite joke of his. Whenever people came to him, begging for investment advice that would double their money in six weeks, he advised them gravely to invest in this fictitious stock. Some people actually tried to follow his advice. —p.67

Check out the video and buy the album (pay what you can):