Who We Are



OLD UGLY Recording Co. is a horrible monster that lives in the bowels of Edmonton, destroying, one by one, the best minds of our generation. It then incorporates each of these consecrated humans like so many limbs onto its power ranger like apparatus. By the river, at night, you will hear it jostling in its sleep, dreaming dreams of fame and crushed velvet, upholstered leer jets and green room hissy fits. As it sleeps it starts to toss and turn, shielding its face from imaginary paparazzi, reveling in thoughts of death by photo-flash seizure. This is not unusual (who told you different?). The facts are straight: OLD UGLY is the elephant in the room. Try your best to ignore it. Since 2009 it’s been dropping hammers on its own foot, trying to become Edmonton’s sine qua non. Those who believe have had a hard life trying to explain it to people, trying to fit in at work or in the class room. This is our burden. We share it freely. Carry it. Carry it! Carry it!!!

10510 68 Ave  |  EDMONTON, AB, CANADA  |  T6H 2B1