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Mikey Maybe – Honey+Bread

The day has finally arrived. Honey+Bread is out. Michael Hamm has laboured over this masterpiece for five years, investing his vibrant character into his intuitive writing voice and self-honed production profile. This album could double as an anthropology thesis (method: participant-observation) on contemporary North American courting rites and the experience thereof. That this ethnography is transmitted through a rap album is an additional comment unto itself. Dig deeply into this hilarious but nevertheless sincere and heart-felt report on coming-of-age in Edmonton, AB.

The release show is June 6th at Wunderbar with Mitchmatic, The Joe, and Big Ben. Facebook event here.


To Be A River: May 28th & June 15th

Doug Hoyer is one of Old Ugly’s most celebrated artists. After Walks With The Tender and Growing Night appeared in 2011, the attention our homey little cadre was getting began to snowball. In the time since then, Doug has toured tirelessly while pecking away at this new gem. To Be A River contains two years’ fruits of pop experimentation and inward gazing. It’s a veritable triumph, friends! The album will be available online on May 28th and on vinyl and plastic on June 15th at a dual release show with Cantoo (Aaron Parker). Spread the word. Augment your summer! Singles and show info below.

Doug Hoyer - To Be A RiverDoug Hoyer & Cantoo dual release

Honey+Bread: May 21st & June 6th!

Mikey Maybe’s long awaited debut full length has arrived. This pop rap masterpiece is an artifact of early 21st century courting rituals. Don’t sleep! The album appears online on May 21st. Pre-orders are available now. The release show on June 6th with Mitchmatic, The Joe, and Big Ben, will see the arrival of the plastic spinnerz. It’s at Wunderbar, Old Ugly’s artistic cradle, and will be cheap and dirty. See you then, friendos. Scroll down for show info and streaming singles!


OLD UGLY’s Christmas With Friends!


OLD UGLY is proud to present you with another Christmas album, just in the nick of time. Very few of our official roster were able to pull something together but plenty of our talented friends had songs ready for a mix which they were happy to contribute, most notably our new bedroom folk imprint led by Tyler Butler, Cabin Songs. Check that out asap. Enjoy the eggnog vibrations! Here’s it is.


Joe Gurba’s newest recordings in two and a half years have finally arrived. In the person of Help, Gurba explores the ideational manifestations of an individual untethered from society by an impenetrable mental repression amounting to a violent schizophrenia. A Viper In The Mind is composed over some of the most forward thinking instrumentals out there right now whose ambiance and weight mirror the subject matter. Dive in. The release show is tonight, October 2nd.

Two New Albums, Out Now!

OLD UGLY feels great satisfaction. Not one but two mind boggling albums are now available from our humble label courtesy Jon Mick and Renny Wilson. Prepare for an enjoyment akin to procreation. Get yr wallets out for SUGARGLIDER and BEARD MILK!


Help is the new project from Joe Gurba, a brief and disturbing study in philosophy, psychology, and science of self & consciousness. This mixtape is set to beats from some of the most forward thinking producers going right now. Two songs are available for now. The release is on October 2nd at Wunderbar and your ten dollar cover will get you your own balaclava, surgical gloves, and download code, so you can join Help in the experience of untethered singularity. Singles streaming below, pre-orders are available now: