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OLD UGLY is happy to announce that the long awaited Renny Wilson record, Sugarglider, has finally arrived. We also welcome aboard long time friend and OU’s first comedian, Jon Mick, will be releasing his debut recording, Beardmilk, with us! The release show is called THE SPECIAL and it also features the release of Field+Stream‘s long awaited debut full-length! Local legends Whitey Houston join this cadre making this the must-see show of the year. The Special is presented together with CJSR 88.5 FM and Metro Cinema (on their anniversary weekend at Garneau Theatre). The event will be hosted by Craig Martell and will also feature several local music video screenings, some of which will be debuts. Tickets are available now. More information here. Jon Mick & Renny Wilson pre-orders will be up very soon. Poster and album covers below. Dig it! ♥OU




The all new Catgut record has arrived. Stream it or buy it or tell your people! Here you go. There’s a great review on Argue Job if you would like to enjoy it with a healthy serving of flowery prose. Catgut are on tour for the next few days. Calgary on the 5th (tonight) and Vancouver on the 7th and 8th. If you’re out there, be sure to check them out. They’re live show is to die for.

Night of the living Holtbys!

Phil Holtby’s newly imagined Catgut releases Fightpicker this Saturday August 4th before heading out on a great big tour with Banshee. Two singles, ‘Truce’ and ‘Taken Back’, dropped today! They are streaming below. Pre-sales are also available. Come get your hands on a copy of Fightpicker this Saturday at Elevation Room! It’s going to be everything you could have ever hoped or imagined. More info here.

Teddy Holtby, our prodigal Old Uglian, one of the founding Fathers of OU, returns from Brooklyn for one night only at Wunderbar this Thursday, August 2nd. More info here.

Mitch Holtby aka Mitchmatic is headlining his first show since his Sonic band of the month showcase and CD release. He has won the Lieutenant Governor’s award for the arts, played festivals all over Canada including the Winnipeg Jazz Fest, and now he returns to our comfy little Wunderbar flanked by faithful cohorts Mikey Maybe and The Joe on August 9th. More info here.

New album from Catgut!

Old Ugly is proud to release a new record from Catgut on August 4th of this year. These unflappable fellows, led by the inimitable Phil Holtby, have distilled post-grunge to its crystal form. Prepare yourself!

New Brazilian Money tape out today!

Jive With The Killer Instinct is out TONIGHT at the Weird Canada Day mega show at Wunderbar! Come get your grubby paws on a copy of this sure-to-be triple platinum cassette while it’s still in its first very limited run.

Please welcome Brazilian Money

Garrett Johnson and his Brazilian Money have been a key fixture in the edmonton weird pop scene for a dog’s age in light years. We’re all solid buds with this genius so having him on board just made sense. We’re really glad this is finally happening. OLD UGLY will be giving a proper release to B$’s new cassette, Jive With The Killer Instinct, on July 1st at Wunderbar as part of Weird Canada Day. You can also catch him with our own Caity Fisher and Travis Bretzer on the 7th of July at Elevation Room, check it.

New Video from Ghibli, New Single from Travis Bretzer

Check out this brand spanking new video from Ghibli produced by none other than Mike Robertson (Highwire Films) and consume this hot new banger, ‘Hurts So Bad’, from Making Love, the Travis Bretzer record we’re putting out this Friday. Don’t miss the release show.


Travis BretzerHurts So Bad